The lawfirm was founded in 1928.


The name of the lawfirm is Advokatfelagið við Strond 4, the address is Yviri við Strond 4, Postbox 359, FO-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, teleph. no. + (298) 203040, fax. no. +( 298) 203041, e-mail





The residental home




The firm practices any civil and criminal litigation, including commercial litigation at the court in Faroe Islands and all Danish courts including the Admiralty Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in Copenhagen.


Providing legal consultancy to business clients from inland as well as from abroad is a substantial part of the firm profile.


Principal legal activities to underline are


- arbitration - banking law - bankruptcy law - business law - commercial law - company law - corporation law - contract law - criminal law - debt collection - environmental law - family law - financing law - insolvency law - industrial law - insurance law - joint ventures - labour law - maritime law - medical profession law - petroleum law - property law - real estate law - shipping law including building, purchase and sale of ships


Correspondence languages: Faroese – Danish – Norwegian – Swedish – Islandic - English


Names of lawyers and members of the legal staff


Petur Even Djurhuus, lawyer
Graduated from University of Copenhagen 1988
Appointed to the bar of Supreme Court.
Norwegian consul general of Faroe Islands.


Jógvan Elias Ellefsen, lawyer

Graduated from University of Copenhagen 1989


Anna Dam, lawyer

Graduated from University of Copenhagen 1994


Ingi Højgaard, lawyer

Graduated from University of Copenhagen 1994.

Master of Law (LLM) Univerity College London (UCL)1999.
Appointed to the bar of Supreme Court.


Gunn Ellefsen, lawyer
Graduated from University of Copenhagen 2004


Julianna Klett, lawyer
Graduated from University of Copenhagen 1972


Eyðin Djurhuus, solicitor's clerk
Graduated from University of Aarhus 2018


The lawfirm is a partnership with the following partners: Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Petur Even Djurhuus, advokatur (reg. no. 4160), Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Jógvan E. Ellefsen, advokatur (reg. no. 4161), Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Ingi Højgaard, advokatur (reg. no. 4190), Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Anna Dam (reg. no. 5317) and Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Gunn Ellefsen (reg. no. 5731).


Business general terms and conditions:


General terms and conditions

for appointment of Advokatfelagið við Strond 4

as lawyers


Unless differing written terms and conditions have been agreed upon in an individual case, the fol-lowing terms and conditions apply:


1. These terms shall apply to all matters for which we provide legal services.
2. All work will be performed with the skill and care of an ordinary lawyer according to the

    laws governing Faroese lawyers, including the rules of professional ethics.
3. Tax advice and advice on foreign law are only included in our appointment if expressly

    agreed upon in writing. Statements or information given orally or over the telephone are

    only binding if confirmed in writing by the lawyers.
4. If the law should change after the completion of the service, there shall exist no duty to

    inform the client of such change or of the consequences of such change.
5. Any dispute or controversies arising out of or in connection with our performance of the

    work performed hereunder shall be governed by and resolved pursuant to the rules of law

    in force in the Faroe Islands and Faroese courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction, the venue

    of first instance being the Faroese Court (Føroya Rættur) in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.
6. Our law firm will invoice its legal services on a monthly basis presented in arrears and the

    in-voice is payable on receipt. In addition to our legal charge we will, on our invoice to you,

    add all necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in working on the matter.
7. Unless a lower amount is agreed between Advokatfelagið við Strond 4 and you, our liability

    in respect of any negligence and/or breach of duty and/or contract whatsoever or

    howsoever arising is limited to, and shall not exceed, the amount of our relevant insurance

    cover for professional negligence. Advokatfelagið við Strond 4 does not accept

    responsibility in any circumstances other than to its clients alone; hereunder no

    responsibility is accepted to any particular client's shareholder, director, officer, creditor